Best cooking oil for frying

April 7, 2022

We should be extremely careful about the food we eat. With most of the products being unsafe yet well marketed it becomes difficult to pick the purest and safest of all.

Cooking oil is an indispensable part of every Indian homes. Starting almost every dish by tempering in oil, edible oils are sure to be found in every Indian household.

India is a country with diverse values, beliefs and hence tastes. We have the most diverse flavours and dishes. From tempering, shallow frying and deep-frying different techniques to cook food are adopted. But, did you know you need to be more particular while choosing a cooking oil for frying? This is because not all the oils are reliable for deep frying food items.


Which oil should you prefer for frying?

The best-recommended ingredient for cooking is mustard oil. Not only is this oil best for daily use and is recommended to be included in your day-to-day meal due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties but also is known to have a high smoke point which makes it an adequate cooking oil for frying. The oil has several other nutrients that make it worth a try. The oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These make the oil good for the heart as they tend to balance the cholesterol levels. It is often said that eating too much fried food on a daily basis can lead to several heart diseases. Mustard oil on a contrary ensures a healthy heart. However, you should still consider consuming a balanced diet but, this oil is one of the healthiest cooking mediums in all aspects. The unparalleled properties of this oil have lead maximum Indian houses to use it to cook and fry food.


Why only mustard oil?

  • Although soyabean oil has lesser smoke point than mustard oil it is still a considerable one to be used as an oil for frying. However, this oil is known to cause obesity followed by other health issues.
  • Sunflower oil could have been a good oil to fry food items too. But, the oil is embodied with a large level of omega 6 fatty acids. Although, these fatty acids are good. But, excessive omega 6 fatty acids can lead to inflammation.
  • Rice bran oil is good in all aspects. However, continuous use may cause unusual bowel movements and discomfort.
  • Palm oil leads to elevated levels of cholesterol. Hence, is not very good for the heart. Therefore, it should be avoided as a cooking medium to fry.
  • Refined oils are unhealthiest of all. These oils go through chemical refining. Hence, making them the worst of all not for frying alone but for cooking purpose too. This oil should only be minimalistic in your diet.


Why trust us?

We ensure to provide you with a quality product without hampering with your taste. We are a trusted brand providing all sorts of pure consumer edible oil. These oils are not only pure but ensure a tasty meal for you.



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