Christmas the best time of the year!

December 24, 2021

Isn’t it true that we all love the Christmas season? Whether it’s for the mouthwatering Christmas cookies or the presents you’ve had your eye on for a while.

While this holiday is all about love and joy, we must remember to take care of ourselves because there is no such thing as too much dessert on Christmas!

While you may forget how many cookies you consume during the holidays, we have a tip for you to make excessive consumption a bit healthier this holiday season by substituting Purti Bakery Shortening for butter in your favorite dessert recipes.

You can bake your favorite Christmas cookies with Purti Bakery Shortening. While the main benefit of substituting Purti Bakery Shortening for butter is to reduce saturated fat intake, the flavor and texture of sweets will also benefit.

Purti Bakery Shortening adds a special form of crumb to your Christmas cookies while also keeping them moist. When substituting butter for Purti Bakery Shortening, the basic rule is three-quarters butter to Purti Bakery Shortening. If a cup of butter is called for in a recipe, use three-quarters of a cup of Purti Bakery Shortening instead. If the recipe asked for melted or softened butter, the same rule would be applicable. In this situation, you’d combine the Purti Bakery Shortening with the remaining components in a blender.

Not all baking calls for butter, and for cakes, Purti Bakery Shortening can be substituted with Purti Refined Vegetable Oil. If the conversion appears to be difficult at any stage, there are helpful charts available online that you can refer to.

When substituting for butter, the quality of the Purti Bakery Shortening counts, just as it does in other recipes. Purti Bakery Shortening is going to enhance the flavor of your cookies and give them a much-needed crunch. Remember-The flavor of the cookies might be ruined if the Bakery Shortening is of poor quality.

There is a lot of chocolate chip and Purti Bakery Shortening cookie recipes online, but chocolate chunks and sea salt appear to be a popular combination. For many households, shortbread has long been a cherished Christmas and butter-filled ritual, but it may also be prepared with Purti Bakery Shortening. There are several kinds to choose from, but the Purti Bakery Shortening shortbread with orange and black tea was always very fascinating.

Purti Bakery Shortening will help you relax over the holidays. When cooking for vegans or people with dairy sensitivities, it’s an excellent baking option. Furthermore, it makes your cookies healthier and more delicious, which is something that every baker desires. So, stop monitoring calories this Christmas, and just plunge into the delicious Christmas Cookies but remember to keep it healthy.

Purti Vanaspati Pvt. Ltd. wishes you a Merry Christmas!


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