Balushahi sweet

June 28, 2024

Balushahi Sweet

The Balushahi or Balushahi Sweet is a famous one from North Indian cuisine. In South India, it is popularly referred to as Badusha. This post has a fool-proof recipe for you to make this sweet at home.

Prep Time – 15 minutes

Cook Time – 15 minutes

Total Time – 30 minutes

Servings –  20



– 1½cup All Purpose Flour

– ¼cup Unsalted Butter soft

– 2tbsp Purti Rizola Rice Bran Oil

– 2tbsp Curd | Yogurt

– ½tsp Baking Soda

– 2tsp Sugar

– Water as needed

– Purti Rizola Rice Bran Oil for Deep Frying

– 3tbsp Pistachio for sprinkling on top

– 2cups Sugar

– 1cup Water

– 1tsp Ground Cardamom


Step 1:  Take butter,Purti Rizola Rice Bran Oil, sugar, curd, baking soda in a bowl and mix well. Once it is mixed, add in flour and mix well, to it resembles bread crumbs..Now add in water little by little and mix well to a soft dough. Allow this dough to rest for 15 mins while you make the sugar syrup.

Step 2 : Take sugar and water in a pan and mix well. Put it on heat and bring it to boil. Cook till it reaches one string consistency. If you take some syrup between your thumb and fore finger and stretch it a string should form. This is the stage. Now add in cardamom powder and keep the syrup warm. Dont boil too much.

Step 3 :  Now heat Purti Rizola Rice Bran Oil for deep frying. The Purti Rizola Rice Bran Oil should never smoke..First test the PurtI Rizola Rice Bran Oil, drop a small dough into the oil, first it should sink , then rises immediately. This is the right consistency. Drop 4 to 5 badusha at a time and immediately decrease the heat to the lowest as possible and cook for 7 to 10 mins till is light golden coloured and cooked. Don’t increase the flame.It should be always on low.

Step 4 : Now drain it and add it to the syrup Let it soak for 2 mins. Drain it and set aside.

Step 5 : Take some chopped pista and sprinkle over the badusha.

Step 6:  Leave the basusha for 2 hours them enjoy.


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