Role of edible oils in indian food

February 24, 2021


In Indian cooking, edible oils play a huge role, and it is hard to cook most of the dishes without them. Certainly, these oils cook the raw ingredients properly and add to the flavour of the dishes. There are many varieties available, and each of them changes the taste to some extent.
In most Indian foods, the common types include mustard oil and ghee. Moreover, there are other varieties like coconut oil, sesame oil, groundnut oil, canola or rapeseed, sunflower oil, and soybean. Certainly, it is very important to choose the right type of edible oil for each food item. There are some particular reasons why it is essential, and they are as follows.


1. Nutritional value

All the edible oils Indians use in their food have free fatty acids in them. Choosing the right type of oil is important since each has a different quantity of fatty acids. Plus, while cooking, one needs to use the appropriate amount of it as well for the best result.
The ones that have the best effect on health are the oils that have monounsaturated (MUFA) or polyunsaturated (PUFA) fats in them. The former is present in oils coming from avocado, peanut, almond, olives, and rice bran.
PUFA, on the other hand, is not something that the human body can make on its own. They are available in the edible vegetable oils and have good health benefits. Firstly, it helps maintain the blood sugar level. And secondly, it raises the level of good HDL cholesterol and reduces the bad LDL cholesterol level. Mainly, polyunsaturated fats are found in certain vegetable oils. Some examples include sunflower oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, walnut oil, and corn oil.
While cooking food, most Indians use any one of these edible oil varieties.
Furthermore, other essential components in most edible oils are phytosterols, tocopherols, phospholipids, and antioxidants.


2. Smoke point

The smoke point of the oil is an important factor to consider. It determines how the food would taste and how much nutrition one would get. To specify, the smoke point indicates the temperature when the fat would start to smoke.
Most of the edible oils Indians use for cooking have a high smoke point, specifically over 450℉ or 232℃. Thus, the ingredients like meat or vegetables can ‘seal’ their flavours in quicker.
Moreover, most of the non-vegetarian items need a very high temperature to cook properly. Since such oils reach that high level, Indians use them to deep fry fishes and meat.
In terms of getting the best flavour, a high smoke point is necessary. This is mainly because the fat breaks down at this point into free fatty acids and glycerol. Both hold nutritional value, so people fry their food using edible oils.


3. Heart health

The edible oils also help improve the heart health of people. However, you should measure the precise proportion of whichever oil you choose. Among the different types available, canola and avocado oils are the two most reliable choices.


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