The a-b-c’s of cold pressed mustard oil

September 22, 2021

There are no qualms about mustard oil taking the place for the choicest edible oils out there. This great kitchen ingredient has been needlessly vilified by the media for the upswing of heart-related ailments. But the truth is that consumption of cold-pressed mustard oil can impart the benefits of its miraculous properties that should not be missed out on under any circumstances. Mustard oil is extremely versatile. Not only does its inherent pungency add unique flavor to food but it is also used beyond the kitchen as a beauty essential, massage oil, treatment of cold, and many more.

Cold-pressed mustard oil

cold-pressed mustard oil is extracted by crushing red mustard seeds under normal room temperatures using a hydraulic press. The end product of cold pressing mustard seeds is obtained strictly after precipitation and filtration. The taste of cold-pressed mustard oil is easily discernible and has a lot of advantages over mustard oil that is produced otherwise. Pure oil is a manufacturer of very high-quality cold-pressed mustard oil which has manifold utilities both in the kitchen and beyond.

Difference from regular mustard oil

Unlike hot pressed mustard oil, cold-pressed mustard oil has a very nominal to non-existent acid value. This is the reason why cold-pressed mustard oil does not need to go through the process of refinement as compared to its counterpart. Cold-pressed mustard oil is also proven to restore most of the natural physiological and chemical properties of mustard seeds along with its trademark pungent taste. The nutrition and health benefits of cold-pressed mustard oil surpass that of hot-pressed mustard oil making it a healthier choice of the two.

Nutritional value

Hot pressed mustard oil undergoes the process of oxidation rendering it carcinogenic and inflammatory. The chemical solvents used in the production of hot-pressed mustard oils lead to the loss of most of the bioactive compounds that contribute towards an overall healthy constitution. On the other hand, cold-pressed mustard oil is packed with nutrients and antioxidants like Vitamin E, carotenoids, phenols, and sterols. This is responsible for enhancing physique and keeping ailments at bay.

Health benefits

Cold-pressed mustard oil is considered a strong immunity builder according to experts. The level of antioxidants present in cold-pressed mustard oil helps the body to fight off free radicals eliminating the chance of life-threatening diseases like cancer. Cold-pressed mustard oils also have anti-microbial effects and even see to skin and hair health.


Cold-pressed mustard oil is known to best entrap the flavor and aroma of the mustard oilseeds which makes it ideal for use in traditional Indian preparations. Cold-pressed mustard oils from the house of Purti do not foam up or slit while cooking which is an indication of its superior quality and integrity. Maintaining a low or medium heat while using cold-pressed mustard oil will make sure that the beneficial properties of the oil are retained.


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