Ghee or oil for flavor and health?

March 9, 2019

Ghee,clarified butter, is prepared from cow’s milk. Typically, ghee is obtained by heating butter on a slow pan, then stirred slowly until the oil separates from butter. The froth released from it is strained out and discarded and the oil turns into a pale yellow which is then strained and stored as ghee.

On the contrary, oil is made from plant, animal or synthetic fat, and is defined as any neutral, non-polar chemical substance, a viscous liquid at ambient temperatures. Widely used for cooking, baking,frying etc. it is first extracted from a seed, nut or a fruit and then, it undergoes refinement to alter the appearance, texture, smell and taste.

When it comes to cooking and flavouring a dish, both oil and ghee are used as condiments, spread or added to food to zing up the flavor. Usually both are unique and used in dishes to give it a different taste. Ghee is used because of its delicious buttery taste, whereas the flavor of oil depends on the fruit or vegetable which it is extracted from.Also, ghee is salt free, lactose free and does not burn easily at high temperatures, while oil consists of trans fats and a low smoke point, which helps it burn easily at low temperature.

Ghee helps in digestion, improves our memory and lubricates joints and connective tissues. On the other hand, oil consists of all the trans fats required by our body and brain to function properly, and also has weight control properties.

As we can see, both oil and ghee are distinct and contain unique features beneficial to our body. So, both are good and can be used to experiment the flavour of our dishes!!!




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