A comparative study between sunflower and soyabean oil?

April 18, 2019

Sunflower or Soyabean Oil?

There are a lot of varieties of cooking oils available in the market, each carrying unique attributes. The Sunflower and Soyabean oils are widely used all over the world.

Sunflower oil obtained from the sunflower seeds is rich in Vitamin K; while soyabean oil is rich in oxidation-prone linolenic acid and the oil is obtained from soybean seeds.

From the health point of view, they are extremely beneficial and add are markable flavor to the food. Apart from cooking, these oils also have other industrial purposes. For instance, sunflower oil has vast application in the cosmetic industries, whereas the soyabean oil is used in the paint manufacturing processes.

Sunflower oil is one of the most preferred oils in cooking and baking techniques. It is used as emollients in the cosmetic pharmaceutical industries and known for many of its commercial cosmetic purposes.Generally, individuals suffering from cardiovascular problems are suggested to use sunflower oil. Being non-volatile in nature, it has a high smoke point.

On the other hand, Soyabean oil has its own advantages and health benefits. It is a natural edible vegetable oil, extracted from the soyabean seeds and is mostly preferred in cooking. It is assumed to be the most consumed oil in commercial cooking and has a dark yellow or faint green color. It is low in saturated fats and trans-fat-free and high in poly-and mono saturated fats. It is applied frequently in salad dressings, frozen foods, imitation dairy, and meat products and commercially baked goods.

Sunflower and Soyabean oils are used for frying, deep frying, etc. The soyabean oil is generally used more in baking, in deserts, dressing, sauces,and salads if compared to sunflower oil. Soyabean oil is popular among the artificial food manufacturers, bakeries, food service providers and more; as it is considered to be available in AOM(active oxygen method). On the other hand, sunflower oil is considered and suggested by physicians to cure skin and cardiovascular issues. So, the oils have blends of benefits; and hence they should be consumed in our day to day life as per our requirements.


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