A distinctive use of purti soybean oil

September 27, 2019

Purti soybean oil is a vegetable oil which is extracted from the seeds of soybean plant. It is the most readily available and one of the low cost vegetable oils in the world today. It has both cooking uses as well as industrial usage. In the food industry, soybean oil is used as cooking oil, salad dressings, an emulsifier agent, in preparing smooth icings, and to make crispier crust, biscuits, wafers, breads, etc. Soybean oil is also used in various industries such as paints, plastics, lubricants, soaps, cosmetics, and others.

One interesting usage of soybean oil is in oil paintings. Paintings have existed in one form or the other since the caveman days. Over time, paint products have evolved. Present day artists can choose many products including watercolour paints, acrylic paints, and oil paints. Watercolours and acrylics tend to be fast drying paints. Acrylic paint placed on palette tends to dry quickly whereas oil paints dry on the canvas or surface used over a much longer period of time.

The primary oil which serves as the predominant ingredient of oil paints is soybean oil. Conventional oil paints with linseed oil in it do not hold their colour and tend to streak on the painting, but the soybean oil paint has been found to have the highest quality and is preferred.

The presence of soybean oil in paints makes it luminous and more pigmented, which creates a more vibrant piece of artwork. Some artists may find slow drying paints to be a disadvantage but it actually can be an advantage for many artists since, slow drying paints make it easier to correct errors. Soya oil makes the paint easier to blend it with different other paints.


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