All you need to know about palm oil!!

October 8, 2020


It is almost impossible to think of eating food without oil and especially we Indians never shy away from oily food. Be it the enticing jalebis or hot puris we just love it when the food quenches in hot oil and makes it to our taste buds. India is known for its diverse culture and every culture has its own style of cooking but none refrain from using oil.

Cooking Oil adds flavor to the dish and entices the taste buds in every way. Over the years, different oils have been used for cooking. Some of the most common cooking oils have been sunflower oil, vegetable oil, mustard oil, soybean oil, palmolein oil and vanaspati. Different cultures have used different oils to bring out the best flavors in their food.

With the upcoming festive season around the corner, almost every grocery store in India will be out of Palm Oil. Indians prefer spicy food and it is a known fact that palm oil is used for cooking food that will make your taste buds go all bonkers. There is this speculation around palm oil whether it is healthy or not? Let’s find out!


Nutritional Benefits of Palm oil

Palm oil is known to have saturated and unsaturated fats. Certain composition of palm oil comprises Vitamin E. These have antioxidant effects that act as a shield against free radicals.

Palm oil is known to have Vitamin A as well. In most countries, it is added to the diet of young children and pregnant women to reduce the deficiency of Vitamin A. It is used to treat malaria and also to enhance the metabolism of the body. There are several other nutritional benefits of palm oil as well which makes it a very preferable form of oil for cooking.


Health benefits of Palm Oil

Palm oil has numerous health linked benefits that make it an excellent choice for cooking.

The oil is rich in tocotrienol which helps in protecting the delicate unsaturated membrane in the brain. It also reduces the risk of brain hemorrhage and also helps in preventing strokes.

Palm oil with its rich Vitamin A content is known to prevent cancer and aging. If you are looking to reduce weight then Palm Oil is something that you can opt for. The oil is said to have nutrients that will enhance the heart condition of a patient.

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