Celebrate raksha bandhan with healthy sweet delights

August 22, 2019

The much awaited festival of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on August15this year. As per the Hindu calendar, it is usually celebrated on the full moon day or Purnima of the month of Shravan with great pomp and enthusiasm. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Raksha Bandhan’literally means ‘the knot of protection’– Rakhiisthe` tie of protection’ that shields a brother from all evil.

RakshaBandhan surely brings a host of happy memories for all of us. It marks the official start of the festive season. Beginning now, till the end of the year there is some festival or other which involves a copious amount of homemade sweets and bakeries. As kids, we all must remember hovering near the kitchen, tempted by the aroma of sweets and savouries being made our mothers and grandmothers.

While this festival of love and affection cannot be complete without sweets and some lovely delicacies, it is time to give a healthy twist to the yummy recipes. Savouries like motichoorke ladookajukatlijalebikalakand or milk cakesgulabjamun and soojika halwa are some mouth-watering specialities that are surely to be found in Indian kitchens on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan. Even thoughsugar is a sinful indulgence for many, never stop experimenting withtaste, flavours and ingredients to make desserts that look and tasteamazing and are healthy, at the same time.


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