Demystifying the myths of healthy eating

April 23, 2022

Demystifying The Myths Of Healthy Eating

Don’t eat late at night, don’t consume too much oil!

Countless rules about healthy eating, but how many of them are truly worth it? It is therefore important to know what things exactly we need to incorporate in our diet rather than following the mob mentality.

Below are some facts about cooking oil that breaks the false myths that are prevalent these days.

Myth 1 – Fats in Cooking Oils are Bad

Fact – When it comes to a healthy diet, fat is often seen as a bad thing to be consumed. Whereas, fat is a crucial part of our die and is responsible for the production of certain hormones. It is also the prime source of energy in our entire diet. Thus, it is evident that including a particular amount of fat in our diet is of utmost importance

Myth 2 – Using the same oil for deep frying every time is fine

Fact – Deep frying is a popular food preparation method in India, in which food is fried in a fat/oil that is deep enough to completely cover the meal. During deep frying, food is fried at a constant temperature of 180°C or greater. The creation of undesirable compounds and trans-fats, both of which are damaging to one’s health, is caused by repeated exposure to high temperatures. As a result, it’s best not to re-use deep-frying cooking oil.

Things to Remember

– Dark chocolate contains antioxidants which make it healthier than other chocolates.

– Its consumption helps you in relieving anxiety.

Myth 3 – Single Seed Oils Can Offer Complete Nutrition to the body

Fact – MUFA and PUFA are abundant in several naturally occurring vegetable oils. High SFA oils, such as coconut and palm kernel oil, or high PUFA (Omega-6) oils, such as sunflower and safflower oil, are examples.

Single seed oils cannot deliver all three fatty acids in the appropriate mix, even though each oil has its own distinct fatty acid makeup. According to the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), we need a suitable balance of all kinds of fats for balanced nutrition from fats. As a result, single seed oils are unable to provide comprehensive fat nutrition. Staying healthy is easier with blended oils that have the correct combination of MUFA and PUFA.

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