Health benefits of purti rizola enriched premium rice bran oil

September 16, 2022


Purti Rizola Rice Bran Oil is enriched with oryzanol which helps in lowering cholesterol and heart diseases. It is free from cholesterol, trans-fats & rich in MUFA close to recommended PUFA / MUFA ratio which is good for the health. Due to its high smoke point, consumption of Purti Rizola is less during deep frying food items.


Health benefits of Purti Rizola Rice Bran oil:


  • Good for the heart – Purti Rizola Rice Bran oil is a heart friendly oil and helps in lowering the cholesterol due to the huge amounts of oryzanol present in it. Oryzanol happens to be an anti-oxidant and helps in elimination of cholesterol and reduces cholesterol absorption. Using rice bran oil helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Lowers blood sugar – Purti Rizola Rice Bran oil lowers the blood sugar level since it contains oryzanol and it helps to fight off hyperglycaemia and diabetes.
  • Lowers blood pressure –Rice Bran oil helps in reducing the blood pressure levels apart from reducing the cholesterol levels due to the high concentration of Vitamin E present in rice bran oil.
  • Good for the liver – Oryzanol present in Rice Bran oil helps to fight against the poor functioning and scarring of the liver known as liver cirrhosis. It helps to prevent fatty liver.
  • Helps in reducing weight – The Oryzanol present in Rice Bran oil boosts the metabolism rate of the body thus helping in reducing the body weight.
  • Helps in hair growth – Omega fatty acid present in Rice Bran oil helps in hair growth and provides nutrition to the scalp.



Go for Purti Rizola Rice Bran Oil and live a healthier life!




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