Health benefits of rice bran oil

September 7, 2020


Rice bran oil ​is one of the finest cooking oils known today. It is extracted from rice bran and has a very high smoking point. It generally has no taste and smell but adds a flavor to your food. Also, it is suitable for cooking at high temperatures and so can be used for stir-frying or deep-frying.


Healthy Oil, Rice Bran Oil:

It is an oil that has a very less percentage of cholesterol as well as helps in weight management. Rice Bran Oil is the secret of a healthy heart. It is one of the purest oils and has lots of health benefits. It can be added to a weight management diet. The refining of rice bran oil is done with all the sanitary measures. Good oil helps a person lead a happy and safe life. One can have that feeling of relief while having this oil. You don’t need to worry about your health while consuming this oil. Picking the best cooking oil in today’s busy life is very crucial. A wrong choice of oil may cause many diseases and can make a person obese.


More Preferable!

Although when you want to select oil for you, you should select the one that takes care of your health. One should be wise while choosing cooking oil keeping in mind that the oil you are choosing is healthy edible oil. ​The reason that Rice Bran oil should be more preferred is just that it provides you with a high content of Oryzanol. Rice bran has 10000-14000 ppm of Oryzano which helps in reducing the bad cholesterol and triggers the production of good cholesterol. Rice bran oil possesses good quantities of Vitamin E and anti-oxidants which increases the good cholesterol (HDL), and decreases bad cholesterol (Bad-LDL).


Quality Matters!

A quality product can only provide you with the best. Rice bran oil can be used for cooking healthy and tasty food. There are many other oils in the market like Vanaspati, Soyabean oil, Sunflower oil, Mustard oil, Vegetable oil, Palm oil, etc. which have their own health benefits. Rice Bran Oil has been recommended as the best oil by The World Health Organization for increasing the quantity of Good Cholesterol in our body.
The quantity of oil consumed in breakfast, ​ lunch, and dinner should be checked. Every year around 900,000 tons of crude rice bran oil is produced, of which 300,000 tones are consumed as edible oil in India. Rice bran oil consists of good amounts of monosaturated fats (47%), polyunsaturated fats (33%), and saturated fats (20%), and hence the oil is recommended to a large extend by The American Heart Association.


Why should we get the chance to serve you?

Oil is an essential part of our food. Thus, using the best oil should be our priority. Purti oil is one of the best oil manufacturers that provide a wide-range of quality edible oil. The rice bran oil is passed through a number of purification cycles at Purti. This not only makes it pure but also ensures the quality. Purti oil is the pioneer of producing quality oils which has helped all their clients to build the trust through ages. If you want the best cooking oil then look no further, to include Purti oils in your grocery list!


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