Myths you believed to be true

March 15, 2019

The most inevitable ingredient of every dish is oil, and it’s always a necessity to choose the right amount of oil for cooking. However,there are a lot of myths about cooking oil generally focused on our health. Today, we’ll separate the facts from the fiction about cooking oil:


  • Oil reusage causes no health issues-The practice of reusing oil is not safe, as using the oil over and over again causes free radicals to form, a potent carcinogenic agent. Apart from this, acidity and other heart diseases are also some of the ill-effects associated with reusing cooking oil.
  • Usage of more oil to make food tastier-This is a common myth, which states the more oil you use, the tastier the food is supposed to become. However, this actually leads to overcooking and a lot of nutrients are wasted as a result.Additionally, it increases health issues by raising the cholesterol level.
  •  Vegetable oil should be used often due to low cholesterol level-Mostly vegetable oils are used for cooking purposes. And many of us have heard it repeatedly to choose the oil with low cholesterol level. However, this is a myth as oil obtained from plants are devoid of any cholesterol.


  • Cooking oils used traditionally aren’t heart healthy- Research has indicated that traditional oils like mustard oil and etc. are in fact heart-friendly oils and reduces the risk of acute heart disease, diabetes and dyslipidaemias. So don’t sideline the frequently used traditional oils.
  • Oilve oil is good for health – Agreed,olive oil is good for heart-health and contains essential amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. However, the oil has low smoke point and hence is not suitable for deep frying, shallow frying and etc.

As you can see from the discussion, myths should not be taken seriously because it contributes to wrong belief. Now that you are aware of the actual facts, we hope this would enable you to take the smart decisions, which will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.




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