Purti se khana banega, toh holi ka maza badhega

March 22, 2021

Since its inception, Purti Oil has always been the best option in the Indian market, especially due to its frying capability. You cannot cook most of the tasty recipes without this oil. We use it for deep frying which can make the festive mood of Holi fantastic. The source of Purti oil is seeds, grains, nuts, or other parts of fruits. It comes from various plants. The process of its production involves the process of removing oil from the plant components. It is successfully running in various parts of Indian like Delhi, West Bengal, and Rajasthan. So, if you do want to make the Holi celebration more memorable, then be sure to cook dishes with Purti Oil!

Sweet with Purti oil: Holi is incomplete without sweets. You can prepare various kinds of recipes with Purti oil. If you are preparing Gulab Jamun, you can fry the delicious khoya balls in the oil to make your Holi special. In the case of preparing Gujia, deep the Gujia balls into the oil and get the crisp textured sweet with the sweet flavor from inside. On the other hand, there are

Kachori and Puran Poli with Purti Oil: Want to make your Holi healthier and tastier? Use our Purti oil to prepare your Kachori. Kachori goes with any kind of curry. You can fry dal kachori, peas kachori in Purti oil. It enhances the flavor of the kachori and cooks the masala inside it. You cannot miss the delicious Puran Poli on the occasion of Holi. You just need to stuff the sugar and chana dal inside the paratha and fry it in the oil. Its light and tasty flavor will make your festival grand.

Dal Khopre Ka Vada: Mix the whole chana dal with coconut, green chilies, and coriander leaves and make the small balls out of it. Then, fry these in Purti oil and enjoy your Holi with the crispy and yummy vada.

Holi Special Samosa and Onion Bhaji: Everyone loves crispy samosa, so you can deep fry it into Purti oil to make samosa fried. To make a deep-fry of the onion pakora just mix the spices with besan and the sliced onion. This crispy pakora will be healthier and tastier if you are using Purti oil in cooking. These are perfect to make your Holi party amazing.

The reason behind choosing us: We are offering you our exclusive oil to satisfy your taste buds and keep your health good. We are one of the best organizations in India and we provide good quality products. If you are looking for good cooking oil, just go for it. This is not that costly and will fit in your budget as well. If you want to make your Holi festival special, choose Purti oil in the preparations of the dishes. We prepared premium quality oil that can add an extra flavour to your recipes. We can assure you that if you try our product, you will not find anything else in your grocery market from next time.


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