Purti vanaspati: the best choice for holi recipes!

March 27, 2021

7Holi Festival is an ancient Indian festival which is also known as several other names like “festival of spring” and “festival of colors”. This festival officially denotes the end of the winter season and honors the victory of good over evil. People light bonfires, Toss colorful crushed powder called gulaal, eat lots of sweets, and spend time with their loved ones. Since food is such an important part of this festival, you can make all of your favorite dishes with Purti Vanaspti, your healthy lifestyle partner. Fewer calories and a lot more love!
Here are some of the yummy dishes that you can make this HOLI with Purti Vanaspati oil:

Gujiya: Holi isn’t Holi if there are no Gujiyas to snack on! Salty on the outside and sugary on the inside, this sweet is known as a Holi Special! Deep-fried dumplings, can be prepared with either Suji or Maida, and crammed with a fusion of chopped nuts and khoya. Fry them in a kadhai with Purti Vanaspati.

Malpua: Considered one of the most conventional Holi sweet dishes, Malpua is the Indian version of pancakes. Prepared with Mawa, milk, or even coconut, there are special variants of this sugary dish from corner to corner of the country, each one evenly appetizing. It is prepared by deep-frying in Purti Vanaspati Oil in a pan and is then, dipped in sweetened sugary syrup. Try this exotic dish this Holi with Purti Vanaspati oil and let your relatives wonder about your secret ingredient.

Laddoo: Can someone ever get enough of Laddoos? We don’t think so! The different varieties you get in Laddoos are to die for, Besan, Motichoor, Rava, and what not! The list of these diverse Ladoo recipes is never-ending. And no Indian celebration is completely exclusive of some sort of Ladoo, and a platter of Holi sweets is no exemption. With Purti Vanaspati oil you can make these exotic dishes at home with comparatively fewer calories. Formed into balls, these appealing sweets can be presented or garnished with slivers of pistachio, or a few other dry fruits to add colors to your Holi Plates!

Jalebi: Jalebi is a dish a person can never say no for! Conventionally, it is prepared with a fermented batter of all Maida, Besan, cooking soda, and water. The batter is then poured in concentric circles in sizzling Purti Vanaspati oil and deep-fried. Then, these fried spirals are covered in sugar syrup for a few minutes and later on served. So the concluding result is a crusty, sugary, luscious jalebi.

Why Purti Vanaspati?

There is an uncountable number of dishes that you can make for Holi, be it sweets or other spicy food and Purti Vanaspati oil is going to be your best friend in the kitchen. Purti Vanaspati is high-quality edible oil for cooking purposes that can be used to make a lot of dishes that are comparatively made with lesser calories. It can also improve your health efficiently. We also offer a variety of other oils for you to choose from. So, this Holi cook mouth-watering dishes with just a secret ingredient which is our Purti Vanaspati oil.


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