Recipe chana masala with mustard oil

April 2, 2021


The dish chana masala originates from the Indian subcontinent. There are so many names of chana masala like chole masala, channay, chholay etc. In Hindustani, it is known as kabuli chana. This recipe is dry and spicy with a flavor of sour. You can find street vendors selling it as street food and snacks in many places of India. Cooking of chana masala takes a very less time to be prepared and can be served as the dish with roti or paratha.


Nutritional value of the dish

A variety of chickpea is the main ingredient of the chana masala. This is a healthy addition to the diet chart as it helps in losing weight. It contains high protein and fiber. It keeps your tummy filled for hours as most pulses and legumes. This also helps to control heart disease and diabetes. It contains calcium which helps increasing level of hemoglobin by building the RCB. Onion keeps the immune system healthy as it contains vitamin- C. It also has antioxidants. The use of garlic is also beneficial here as garlic helps to reduce cholesterol. The mustard oil works as the factor of enhancing the flavor of the dish.



Time of preparation: Overnight soaking of chana chholay
Time for cooking: 20 minutes
Serving: 2



1. Medium sized onion
2. Tomato
3. Chholay
4. 1 tbsp musterd oil
5. 1 ½ tsp cumin, turmeric powder
6. 1 tsp coriander powder
7. Ginger garlic paste
8. 5 to 6 green chilies
9. 1 lemon or amchoor
10. 11/2 tsp garam masala
11. Salt as per taste
12. Coriander leaves for garnishing


The process of cooking

The process of preparing chana masala is as follows:
1. The first step of making chana masala is soaking the chickpeas overnight.
2. Then, put it in the pressure cooker until it becomes soft. Drain the water after boiling it and keep it aside.
3. Heat mustered oil on pan on medium flame.
4. Roast the tomatoes and the onion first; it elevates the taste of the masala.
5. Add the ginger garlic paste to it and keep stirring.
6. Add the cumin, coriander and turmeric powder and mix it well.
7. Add salt to taste.
8. When the gravy is ready, add the previously cooked chana to the curry and keep cooking.
9. Serve it with freshly chopped coriander leaves, onion, amchoor and crushed black pepper.


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