Snacks to make this monsoon season

August 11, 2021

After tolerating the burning heat of the summer season each one of us is just too eagerly waiting for the monsoon to arrive. Monsoon is the season of rain and rain is the way to all the tasty and fried food. Each one of us likes fried food but only a few of us are aware of the fact that if the oil we are using for frying is not good we can suffer through a lot of problems. So it’s important to keep in mind which oil we are using and is it the right one.

In front of us, there lies a big question: which snack we should make this monsoon. So here we have some snacks which are the best ones for making in the monsoon season.

The vegetable sandwich is a very good snack for the monsoon season as it is not heavy since it is made from bread and is also fulfilling as it contains vegetables. It can be made by using a variety of vegetables like cucumber, tomato, onion, broccoli, etc. A cheese slice with a bit of mayonnaise gives a nice kick to it. We can also add small potato fingers to it which will give a crunchy flavor to it.

Noodle is an all-time favorite snack that is irresistible and is liked by everyone. Especially in the monsoon season, it is good for consumption. Boiled noodles garnished with mixed herbs, tomato ketchup, and soya sauce with a pinch of salt is a perfect snack that is totally amazing. It has an origin in China.

Bread pakora is a traditional snack that is evergreen. It is cheap and the best and is a light snack. It can be stuffed or unstuffed. The stuffing could be of either potato or cheese. It is also known as Bread bhaji. A portion of typical Indian street food is full of flavors.

The burger is another snack which is famous all over the world. Burger can be veg or non-veg. One with ham that is a non-veg burger is also termed as Hamburger and the veg one is simply named a Burger. A soft and spongy, fresh bun cut into two halves, pour some ketchup on one half and chili sauce on other, put sliced vegetables (tomato, onion, cucumber, broccoli, paneer, lettuce, cabbage, etc.) and a potato patty or a ham patty with a slice of cheese with a good amount of cream cheese or mayonnaise would just yield you the best burger.

Veg rolls are an appetizer and are so healthy and tasty. These are mainly Northern Irish dishes. Ironically it can be non-veg too. It can be made with a variety of stuffing. Adding sauté vegetables is preferred. Veg roll is full of goodies as it contains lots of vegetables and is superb taste-wise.

All these dishes are perfect for making in the monsoon season and are highly preferred over the other snacks. These have low-fat content and are healthy as well.


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