Stability of edible oils – the role of antioxidants

November 4, 2021

Do you love fries? Are you in love with the savory fried treats? I guess all of you would say a joyful Yes!!!! Well in this article I would unleash the secret mantra of having the fried treats while being healthy and still holding your body in shape by the amazing cooking facilitator of Mamma’s Kitchen.

Diet kitchen over Mamma’s kitchen: Cooking oil was once the most used and taste enhancer ingredient of Indian kitchens but in the present era, most people believe oily food can cause various diseases. This thought is not entirely true. Anything consumed more than desired can cause damage to our body and the same fact is valid on oil too. Everything will be in control as long as we keep the desired limit on our quantity of consumption and most importantly the quality of the food.

Don’t suffer your taste buds: There are various types of Oil according to the source from which it is obtained such as Mustard oil, Sunflower oil, Rice bran oil, Soya bean Oil, and much more, and of them is loaded with various health benefits. From a nutritional point of view, oils are very essential for our body. They are the power pockets of energy, fat-soluble vitamins, bioactive compounds, anti-oxidation agents, and carriers of flavors that are necessary for innumerable physiological functions. They contain 96% triglycerides, which are made up of various essential fatty acids which protect our body. Fatty acids present in the oils aid the absorption and transportation of fat-soluble vitamins. According to the dietary guidelines, 30% of the overall caloric requirements must be contented from oils or fats.

The role of anti-oxidants: The increased level of free radicals in our body can cause multiple illnesses like oxidative stress, heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, a few types of cancers, and many other chronic diseases. Fortunately, eating anti-oxidant-rich foods neutralize the excessive free radicals in our body and reduces the risk of enormous chronic diseases. Edible oils are one such high antioxidant food resource that we all should include in our daily diet.

Edible oils boost the levels of antioxidants in our blood and reap many other health benefits apart from reducing the risks of the above mentioned chronic diseases, such as:

  • Stabilizes our health for a long time
  • Keeps our cell structure strong
  • Keeps us young by providing us protection against many scourges of aging
  • Keep our skin tight and glowing
  • Lowers the risk of infections
  • Reduces the risk of age-related eye disorders etc.

Why would you choose us?

We are the trusted manufactures and suppliers of edible oils for years. We are very précised in picking up the best quality of raw materials for extracting oils in our oil- refineries. Oxidative stability of oils during processing and storage is also well maintained by us to provide anti-oxidant-rich oil in the market. We offer you several high-quality healthy and tasty refined edible cooking oil like vegetable oil, palm oil, Vanaspati, and much more. You just name it and we serve it to you. A wide range of products at a pocket-friendly price is offered by us ensuring tasty treats with good health to every member of your family.


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