The culinary magic that gladdens the hearts of bengal

June 25, 2019

Our tastes have evolved with time, so has our concept about food intake, with the world becoming more concerned about healthy eating and also because of a rise in various ailments caused by the poor quality of ingredients. People also don’t consume food at proper intervals and quantity, while one half of the population is suffering from obesity, the other half grapples with malnutrition.

Health being the primary concern, the need of the hour is to have quality food ingredients, fresh vegetables, and the correct amount of protein and quality oil to cook our food. Many types of food around the world are originally cooked with vegetable oils for different flavours, taste,and quality. One such edible oil, Mustard oil is one of the oils whose uses have been mastered by Indians and has now become a part of Indian culture.

With Monsoonknocking on the door, Hilsa fish (`Ilish’ in Bengali), is one of the popular fishes of the season. The famous Bengali dish, ‘IlishVapa’ or Steamed Hilsa is made with mustard oil. To enhance the flavour, Purti Mustard Oil is a good option. Strong in its essence and rich with vitamins and nutrients like Selenium and Omega 3 FattyAcid, Mustard Seeds can be beneficial to health. This dish is prepared with Mustard Paste, Coconut Paste, and Poppy Seed Paste and served with rice. The arrival of the Hilsa season in the Bay of Bengal usually coincides with the onset of the south-west monsoon in the subcontinent. It is a moment every Bengali worth their fish awaits with bated breath.

Ilish Vapa can be prepared following different procedures but mustard oil is a must; and to ensure quality at a reasonable price, Purti Oil is the best possible option.


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