The spiritual essence of ghee and oil lamp

April 29, 2019

We erect temples and even have puja rooms at our houses, which we decorate it with utmost devotion.We indulge in the daily practice of offering prayers to the deities we have bestowed our trust upon.Following this, we purchase articles of the puja like shankh (conch), kalash (a water vessel), copper utensils, spoon etc. However, the one thing that is of high significance is the lamp!

The ghee or the oil lamp, a symbol of Tej (Absolute fire principle), has its special place in the Sanatan Vaidik Hindu Dharma. Moreover, it is considered to be of spiritual essence and is believed to cast all the darkness away from our lives. Hence, it is invoked as ‘तमसोमाज्‍योतिर्गमय।’

A‘diya’ utilising oil or ghee is considered to be spiritually pure(sattvik) and is in accordance with the scriptures of the Agni Puran. Usually, the prevalence of oil over ghee is more, as the former source of ignition leads to more kindling. Moreover, it is believe that both these sources have the capacity to attract sattvik vibrations present in the atmosphere. Interestingly, the ghee lamp stops burning the essence of sattvikta.

The yellow circles observed in the flames emit divine consciousness (chaitanya) and the red aura represents the radiant energy. This is in perspective of the oil lamp and its essence in the atmosphere.


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