Goodness of oil in our diet

March 25, 2020

Inclusion of oil in our diet

There are different food groups which provides essential nutrients for the growth of our body. These kind of foods are termed as everyday food groups. These food groups provides us with wide range of nutrients and these nutrients play a vital role in the growth of our body , not only that , it also helps in maintaining proper function of our body .
Apart from these food groups there are other vital non-food groups such as plant and animal fat which we consume in the form of oils.



Oil provides us with essential nutrients so we should include these oils in our diet but in less quantity. Most of the oils we consume are great source of TUFA i.e. Polly unsaturated fatty acid or MUFA i.e mono unsaturated fatty acid. These are known as healthy fats, which are necessary for our health. These are found in nuts, vegetable oils and fish oils. These fatty acids helps to maintain the level or rather say does not raise the level of LDL or bad cholesterol in blood. Not only this but, these oils are major source of Vitamin E also which is very good for the skin.
So, make sure to include these healthy fats in your diet but these must be in very small quantity.


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