Health benefits of mustard oil

March 14, 2020

Great Massage can rejuvenate the body.
Mustard oil is beneficial for our body, whether we apply it to our body or consume it. It has numerous benefits as a massage oil. It improves blood circulation, the texture of the skin and the muscle tension. Not only that, but it also activates the sweat glands and helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, as a result, it acts as a natural cleanser. It is also enriched with Vitamin E which is an integral nutrient for skin. That is why when it is applied to the skin, it reverses the aging process. It reduces the fine line and wrinkles on our bodies. In India, we massage babies with mustard oil, which stimulates the blood circulation and thus helps in growth and gives them great skin. Along with this, mustard oil can also be used for treating cold and cough as it got a heating property which helps in getting relief from the congested respiratory tract. Either it can be used in the raw form or heated up a little bit. While heating up, one needs to make sure to heat it up in a double boiler. When the baby is suffering from cold and cough, make sure to rub mustard oil on the chest, arm, and feet. This remedy works wonders and you will notice that your baby is quite relieved. Simultaneously it is beneficial for hair also. For hair, replace your hair oil with mustard oil and see the magic.


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