How to store cooking oil?

February 17, 2020

Cooking oils are extracted from various fruits like olive, avocado, coconut; vegetables; legumes like peanut and soybean; nuts (walnut); and seeds like canola or sunflower. The extraction processes of oils vary just as the techniques for keeping them fresh and maximizing the natural flavors of these oils. Exposure to oxygen, light or heat results in oxidation and eventually turns it rancid. For which cooking oil needs to be stored properly to retain its freshness and flavors.

Steps to store cooking oil:
• Use the right container for storage – Use a proper container for storing the oil and keep the lid of the container sealed tight when you are not using it. One of the main causes of oil turning rancid is exposure to too much oxygen.

• Store the oil in a glass container with a tight lid – Transfer the oil from the packaged bottle to a glass container, preferably to a deep coloured one. Sunlight degrades the quality of oil, and a dark-coloured bottle will help to keep that from happening. Label the containers if you’re storing more than one type of oil.

• Don’t use plastic containers – Avoid storing oil in a plastic container since plastic tends to leach chemicals over time and if it happens, it will affect the overall taste of the oil. If your oil came in a plastic bottle, transfer it to a glass container with a tight lid.

• Avoid storing cooking oil in containers made from iron or copper – Avoid storing oil in a container made from iron or copper since these metals create a chemical reaction when they come in contact with oil and make it unsafe for usage. Use a glass container instead.

• Store the oil in a cool, dark place – Do not store the oil near or above the stove. The frequent temperature changes will cause the oil to deteriorate. Same applies for the sunlight, thus store the container in a cool and dark place.

• Know which types of oils are best stored at room temperature – Some cooking oils are best stored in room temperatures, thus store accordingly. Refined peanut oil and Vegetable oil will last for years if stored properly, whereas Olive oil will last for months.

• Know which types of oils are best stored in the refrigerator – Some cooking oils will get spoilt if not stored in a cold place. Refrigeration will keep these oils fresh for a longer period. However, most oils turn cloudy and thick after refrigeration. As a result of which, take the oil out one to two hours prior to use, and let it sit at room temperature to return to its usual consistency. Avocado oil, Corn oil, Safflower oil, Sesame oil and Truffle oil should be stored in a fridge.

Apart from using fresh vegetables or meat, using proper oil is also very important for healthy eating. Store your cooking oil properly and eat healthy meals in order to stay fit!


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