Stay fit this  winter  with  purti  edible oils

January 6, 2020

The nip in the air, indulges our minds to delve into the goodness of culinary delights. Winter has set in, and Kolkata is all geared up to embrace the gastronomic delights. However, we should not forget that this is also the time for certain health hazards which strike us, owing to our carelessness. To ensure that the best of our health and hygiene is maintained we should try and consume more of home cooked food.
However the winters in Kolkata are a time for the carnival and merriment which calls for good food too. Therefore, to ensure that the food is best in taste and quality, we should opt for the wide range of edible oils offered by Purti.

The rich fruit cake, which is a staple in many households, during this time of the year can be baked in sunflower oil or soya bean oil too, as a healthy alternative to butter.
Similarly, other significant food components like turkey may be cooked in several ways with the use of vegetable oils like sunflower oil, soybean oil or rice bran oil.
Winter is also a time when our skin suffers badly due to lack of moisture in air. The age old tradition of using mustard oil on our toe nails and belly button is an assured method to keep away skin dryness in the winter months.
Cold and cough may also be avoided by regularly massaging the body with mustard oil, which may be applied alike from newborns and generians.


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